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We are always seeking talented executives with Healthcare and/or LifeScience experience; individuals with impeccable personal and professional reputations and unquestioned integrity; people who are relentless in the pursuit of lofty goals; and people whose accomplishments and contributions are unambiguously clear.   

Please forward a copy of your resume or curriculum vitae to The Coelyn Group at Be assured that all information sent to us will be treated as highly confidential documents and will not be shared with any person or entity without your permission.

Many of the leading, global executive search firms have established websites possessing a wealth of current and on-point information about such topics as career management, employment transition, compensation matters including negotiation, best practices, executive networking, and leadership to name but a few.  They also have newsletters, recommended reading and poignant articles about subject matters such as leadership, competitive strategy, corporate governance, etc.  Any executive seeking to strategically manage their career should visit them.



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