Operating Companies


Aastrom Biosciences, Inc.
A-Med/Embol-X Corporation
Ablation Frontiers, Inc.
Ablation Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Spine Fixation Systems, Inc.
Advanced Stent Technologies, Inc.
Aerolase Corporation
Aksys, Limited
Align Technology, Inc.
Allergan, Incorporated
Alsius Corporation
Amira Medical, Inc.
Andros, Incorporated
Aperio Technologies, Inc.
Apria Healthcare Group, Inc.
Appriva Medical, Inc.
AspenBio Pharma, Inc.
Atairgin Biotechnologies, Inc.
ATI Medical, Inc.
Azron, Inc.
Baxter Healthcare Corporation – Edwards CVS Division
Bayer Corporation – Consumer
Care Division
Bayer Corporation – Diagnostics Division
Beacon Diagnostics, Inc.
BioSafety Systems, Incorporated

BioSig Technologies, Inc.
Biosphere Medical, Inc.
BioStorage Technologies, Inc.
Biotek Solutions, Inc.
Boston Scientific Corporation

BrainScope Company, Inc.
Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.
Capital Returns, Inc.
Cardiac Science, Inc.
Cardiovascular Dynamics, Inc.
Cardiva Medical, Inc.
CARIS Life Sciences, Inc.
Cascade Ophthalmics, Inc.
Centurion Spine, Inc.

Cibus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Clearside Biomedical, Inc.

Closure Medical Corporation
CONMED Corporation
CoreValve, Inc.
Corvas International, Inc.
CryoCor, Incorporated

Cryomedix, LLC

Cypros Pharmaceutical Corporation

Dilon Diagnostics
DNAForm, Inc.
DVMI International
Edwards Lifesciences, Inc.
Embrella Cardiovascular, Inc.
Emergent Respiratory Products, Inc.
Encore Medical Corporation
Endologix Corporation
Endonetics Corporation
Endosense, S.A.
Endovasix, Inc.
Flex-Foot, Inc.
Fluidsense Corporation
Focal, Inc.
ForHealth Technologies, Inc.
Galen Partners
Gerbsman Partners
Guidant Corporation
Guided Delivery Systems, Inc.
Hansen Medical, Inc.
Health Alliance, LLC

Healthcare Partners
Hill-Rom Company, Inc.
Idexx Laboratories, Inc.
Imagyn Medical, Inc.

INAMED Aesthetics, Inc.

Integrated Medical Resources, Inc.

Intellicentrics, Inc.

Interventional Spine, Inc.

Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

In Vitro International, Inc.
iOptx, Incorporated
ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
i-Stat Corporation
The KippGroup, Inc.
LivHOME, Incorporated
LuMend, Incorporated
Masimo Corporation

MASS TARGET Biotherapeutics
Medtronic - CoreValve, Inc.
McKinley, Incorporated
MD DataDirect, Inc.
Mentor Corporation
Metracor Technologies, Inc.
Metrika, Inc.
Microgon, Inc.
Micrus Corporation
MindRay North America
Mitokor, Inc.
Molecular BioSystems, Inc.
Nanopshere, Inc.
Nereus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Nomos Corporation
Novacept, Incorporated
ONI Medical Systems, Inc.
Ontogen Corporation
Organovo, Inc.
Paradigm Spine, Inc.
Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research Company
PDP Spine, LLC
Pegasus Biologics, Inc.
Philips Medical Systems North America, Inc.
PhotoMedex, Inc.
PhotoThera, Incorporated

Physician's Rx Pharmacy, Inc.
Protein Polymer Technologies, Inc.
PSS World Medical, Inc.
Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Radiance Medical Systems, Inc.
RBC Life Sciences, Inc.
RITA Medical Systems, Inc.
Safeskin Corporation
Situs Corporation
Solvay America, Inc.
Somnus Medical Technologies
SpinalMotion, Inc.
SpineAlign, Inc.
SRI/Surgical Express, Inc.
Stentys, SAS
Stereotaxis, Incorporated
SurModics, Inc.
Symyx Technologies, Inc.
Synetic, Inc.
SyntheMed, Inc.
Target Therapeutics, Inc.
Triage Medical, Inc.
UltraGuide, Ltd.
UniLife Medical Solutions, Ltd.
Varian Associates, Inc.
Vascular Architects, Inc.

Vascular Dynamicss, Inc.
VeinRx, Inc.
Venetec International, Inc.
Versant Ventures
ViewRay, Inc.
Vivant Medical, Inc.
Volcano Therapeutics, Inc.
VSM MedTech, LLC
The Weinberg Group, Inc.
The Wilkerson Group/IBM
Wilshire Technologies, Inc.
Xhale Innovations, Inc.
Xoft MicroTube, Inc.


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