Position and Candidate Specification

We begin each and every project with a very detailed Position and Candidate Specification. This is a critical document and its careful crafting at the inception of the engagement allows for the smooth execution of the processes that follow. The initial document is marked “draft” so that the Search Committee members can make comments. It clearly depicts the kind of detailed quality work product our Firm prides itself in, as well as providing some thought-provoking ideas for the qualifications that we will be looking for in an ideal candidate. Of course, we persistently seek out candidates with impeccable personal and professional reputations and unquestioned integrity; individuals who demonstrate extraordinary resourcefulness and alacrity; and finally, individuals whose accomplishments and contributions are unambiguously clear.

A mandatory first step for us is to expeditiously get to know the client company’s salient critical success factors, its’ culture, characteristics, future potential, etc., all of which enable us to effectively communicate this information and rapidly identify highly qualified candidates.

If the Search Committee thinks it is appropriate, we would also include other members of the senior management team who have a vested interest, not only in the selection of the final candidate, but in his/her future success with the company.

Search Strategy and Approach

In addition to a very broad and up-to-date database (dedicated to Healthcare and Life Sciences), and a powerful search engine, enabled by our laser-sharp focus, we make literally hundreds of sourcing calls and other contact media utilizing our extensive personal networks developed over many years.

Furthermore, we have separate groups in our database to track individuals who have specific expertise and accomplishments, but who have subsequently moved into another industry sector and are thus not recognized by most database queries no matter how sophisticated.

The culmination of these efforts is what we call “triangulation” – meaning that when we hear someone’s name mentioned repeatedly we know that this is a particularly well-respected individual worthy of the investment of our time to learn more about him/her if we don’t already know them. This is especially true for a high level, high visibility search.

The Calibration Meeting

We ensure that our projects are “on-track” by convening a “calibration meeting” with the Search Committee approximately 30-days after commencement of the search.  At that time we discuss, in-depth, the backgrounds of ten or so candidates that are specifically interested in the position. This meeting not only confirms the accuracy of the Position and Candidate Specification that was originally crafted, but it pinpoints subtle nuances that are important. About two weeks later, the Search Committee should expect to begin interviewing candidates leading to a successful conclusion.

Completion Target Date – 90 Days or Less

From a timing standpoint, we can complete most projects in about 90-days or less. The timeframe is defined as commencing with an approved Position and Candidate Specification, and ending with candidate acceptance of an offer of employment. The key factor is the availability of Search Committee members, always very busy people, to make interview schedules happen with candidates who are likewise always very busy.

We approach each assignment with a search strategy that includes: development of a Position and Candidate Specification document describing the client company’s requirements; compilation of a specific list of logical companies where the primary search effort will be focused; a detailed marketplace study of the client’s competitive position/competitors; additional key marketplace information relative to the position; and in-depth interviews of key decision making executives.

Our efforts are focused on executing a disciplined approach to identify and attract the best-qualified candidates for the client company. This process can be divided into four main phases:

1. Preliminary Assignment Study – Development of Search Specifications and Strategy

Before starting the search, we obtain as much information on the client company, its culture, and its management as conditions and confidentiality permit. It is essential to develop a broad understanding of its' activities and environment, and an in-depth awareness of its' plans, objectives, and expectations to attract suitable candidates. Once this preliminary work is completed, we prepare and reach final agreement with the client company on a Position and Candidate Specification consisting of a position description and specifications of the ideal candidate. We also develop and review with the client a basic search strategy and identify any companies that may be off-limits, for any reason, to our recruiting efforts.

2. Research – Prospective Candidate Screening and Evaluation – Calibration Meeting

Utilizing the resources of our consulting staff, research team, and extensive proprietary database, candidate prospects and sources are quickly identified and discreetly contacted and screened. The most suitable prospects are carefully evaluated against the ideal candidate specifications and those who are deemed to be of keen interest after this vetting process are selected for inclusion in a Candidate Presentation Book. This book is then reviewed in a face-to-face Calibration Meeting held with the Search Committee, approximately thirty days into the project. The objective of this meeting is to have a provocative discussion regarding the slate of candidates and determine those best suited for the opportunity. Invariably, during this meeting the Position and Candidate Specification is slightly, but importantly modified, as actual candidates are evaluated and new ideas come forth sharpening the final requirements for the ideal candidate. A “short list” is developed and the interview process begins.

3. Candidate Presentations – Initial Interviews

Subsequent to face-to-face interviews by our consultants with the most qualified and attractable candidates, comprehensive candidate profiles are then submitted to the client company in advance of an initial interview. Our candidate profiles always include indispensable information, insight and intelligence.  Our consultants select and consolidate inside, in-depth information you just can’t get from the “usual sources.”  These crucial details and unique perspectives enable us and our clients to thoroughly vet each and every candidate and they are delivered when the information is eminently actionable.

Candidate profiles include:

  • Personal data and detailed history of career
  • Current employment status
  • An incisive analysis and appraisal
  • Criteria for selection
  • And, potential limitations to their candidacy, if any

Know what matters.

4. Candidate Selection – Negotiations – Closure

After the candidate-of-choice is selected, the search enters the final offer of employment negotiation stage. Here, our Firm will participate to the extent deemed appropriate by the client company. In this sensitive, and sometimes difficult stage, our participation often serves as a catalyst and is frequently a key element in the successful conclusion of a search. After the selected candidate has joined the client company organization, we continue to monitor his or her performance/progress on a regular basis to ensure that the expectations of both the client company and the new executive are being fully met.

Recruiting Real Leaders

In the final analysis, the only acceptable result is improved and sustainable client performance in the marketplace. This only comes after an exhaustive and careful investigation, supported by deep thought and reflection on the part of everyone involved in the project. The successful candidate must be the type of executive who comes with a detailed plan, an executive who has done his homework and is not only conversant with the finer points of the company, but arrives with a clear set of marching orders for everyone down the line. We know that he/she must also be an executive who has a broad and long-term perspective, a set of convictions about the company’s strategic direction, a clearly thought-out managerial philosophy, and an understanding of how to galvanize the entire organization to action. In other words, in conjunction with our clients we are recruiting real leaders. And in our definition, real leaders are great executives because they demonstrate integrity, provide meaning, generate trust, and communicate values. In doing so, they energize their followers, humanely push people to meet challenging business goals, and all the while develop leadership skills in others.


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