What We Do

Since The Coelyn Group was founded, we have worked with numerous clients in virtually every sector of Healthcare and Life Sciences.

The Coelyn Group’s business is recruiting senior level executive leadership, i.e., exemplary executives who make companies far more valuable.

We work with the senior leadership of, and investors in, client companies to recruit the very best in management – executives who live to beat their competitors, generate significant, lasting positive financial impact and substantially and permanently improve shareholder value. We look at a business as an integrated, cohesive whole.

The executives we recruit make the big decisions: on strategy, organization, operations, technology, and mergers & acquisitions. Our work is most successful when we work closely with clients with no comprehension of mediocrity.

The Difference Is Our People

The Coelyn Group team has a certain special energy and a noticeable enthusiasm for what they do. Our entire team averages 18-years of industry-specific executive search experience supported by years of Life Sciences precedent experience. We access the latest industry-specific information through a myriad of resources and networks. And we know how to build strong and lasting working relationships with clients as evidenced by numerous repeat engagements. We provide objective guidance and readily share information to empower our clients to recruit and retain the most outstanding executive leadership. These strengths enable The Coelyn Group team to:

  • Apply practical know-how to solve recruiting challenges
  • Be productive on the first day of every engagement
  • Anticipate and resolve client challenges through knowledge of client processes and culture, emerging industry trends and market dynamics
  • Help clients empower their businesses and become or remain marketplace leaders by recruiting and retaining top executive talent

Of course, this is not accomplished alone. In order to develop best-in class recruitment solutions, we develop exceptional client alliances that lead to superior outcomes.


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